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What patients say about Mountain Community Healing Arts

Karen, Nurse Practitioner

Acupuncture has helped me very much. I had been to my primary care provider several times with thrush in my mouth and extreme tiredness, I went from working a 60 to 80 hour week to dragging. Lots of tests were performed all was normal. It continued to come back and I was extremely tired, a friend recommended acupuncture. Within two weeks Jade had the thrush under control and I was back to working and slowly built back up to my regular work week, over 60 hours a week. Also, she has eliminated a 20 year hip pain that I had seen a bone doctor for, she helps with my eyes with which I have extreme discomfort from Glaucoma. Without her I know I would not be where I am today enjoying life and not weak, tired with hip pain.

Debra, Massage Therapist

I’ve been receiving acupuncture for 30 years, lately from Jade. It doesn’t matter if it’s for allergy season, menses/menopause, pain, or to quiet my mind. I don’t know what I would have done without it!


I have had a lifelong problem with sleeping. In recent years the insomnia has gotten worse. I have tried any remedy I could find other than prescription medication, including very expensive supplements that did not help at all. I followed all the guidelines to improve sleep to no avail. I had had acupuncture before for hip pain, so it dawned on me one day.. Maybe I should give acupuncture a try. I started seeing Jade and over time, my sleep began to improve, to the point that I now get a normal nights sleep most of the time.I am so grateful that I am now able to get the sleep I need to participate more fully, and energetically in life. Thank you Jade!


If you want to quit smoking, Jade will help make it happen!

Sandra, Homemaker and Minister wife

I came to Jade for treatment of Colitis years ago. After she successfully treated that, I regularly see her for acupuncture & bodywork to help keep me healthy as I age. I value so much her compassion and deep listening skills that have supported me through difficult times


Whenever I get sick, I get a horrible cough that can last for weeks. This time, after Jade treated me, my cough was gone in 2 days!

LB, Substance Abuse Counselor

Jade has helped me significantly with problems due to traumatic brain injury. I can also talk to her about anything; she’s very supportive.

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Jade (Jeanne) Pierce, L.Ac. (NCALB #157)
Mountain Community Healing Arts

Licensed acupuncturist and herbalist practicing in western North Carolina providing experienced, affordable, comprehensive natural healthcare.